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Making friends with furniture

We drive out to the lake to get a piece of furniture from some people. We come home with friends.

There used to be a time when my apartment was filled with Stehrumchen. I got them. I liked some. I disliked some. I hated their joint visual impact. And that I had to lift them for dust cleaning. With every move, I got rid of some, and by now most of the remaining Stehrumchens in this house are of the girl, a recent gift from the Mum, or elements of a very select portfolio.

Bei sogenannten “Stehrumchen” handelt es sich um Dinge, die irgendwo rumstehen, welche aber in erster Linie dekorative Zwecke erfüllen und in Wohnungen, Geschäftsbereichen usw. zu finden sind. Diese “Stehrumchen” können entsprechend des Geschmackes der Nutzer schlicht, elegant, schön, kunstvoll oder natürlich auch kitschig sein. (Sprachnudel)

So-called “Stehrumchen” (stand-somewheres) are things that stand somewhere, which however dominantly have a decorative function and can be found in apartments, business areas, and so on. These Stehrumchen can be elegant, beautiful, artistic or cliche – depending on the taste of the owner.

Eliminating Stehrumchens had a profound impact on my mindset to belongings in general, and I try to maintain an attitude of downsizing. Sometimes, that leads to conflict with the girl, who has a talent to find really amazing things. Like recently, when she discovered a very antique piece of furniture that according to what we know is at least 150 years old. She wanted it very much, so I gave in. And like basically always when I let go my stubbornness, I’m happy I did. Now seeing it in person, it’s truly a piece of art. The decorations are marvelous and I find the four legs entertaining and funny.

So, we took her parents car and got out to Dervio at the Eastern shore of Lago di Como. It’s holiday time, which means that there’s little traffic in and around Milan. Never have I ever passed the tunnel to Lecco without getting stuck in a traffic jam. We were greeted warmly by the couple that sold the furniture, but came to notice that the car was too small. (Those legs are like church towers.) And we are not talking about a small car, but a full-size SUV.

Now, modern cars are aerodynamically optimized. This super amazing couple had a slightly less modern car. And it was almost big enough by German standards, which means it was generously big enough by any other standard: they couldn’t fully close the trunk anymore, but the open gap was maybe 5cm wide. Great, so it fits in their car, not ours. Without question they accompanied us all the way back to Milan; it’s a drive of about one hour and 15min. Usually on a nice road. Today with hail.

Oh, and I didn’t mention that for external circumstances we had to postpone the pick-up already like three times. I had totally understood that at some point they would just want to get rid of us. Instead, they invited us to come back and visit them at their place to enjoy the lake. Then, later, they called us again to repeat this invitation. And another time, hours after the trip.

Put short: We got a treasure box, though the treasure was maybe not the filling of the box.

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