Marketing expert. Cyclist. German.

I’m a cyclist. I used to live in Berlin, then Rotterdam, then Milan. I threw in temporary stints in Brussels, Austin, and Munich. Now, my fluid home-base is Zurich. (Well, Winterthur.) I had the privilege to cycle in fantastic scenery around diverse parts of Europe. I feel home on every road I’ve traveled. With the Alps so close, I try to find new mountains and new little streets on every trip. Once in a while, there is a video from a trip. (Head over to my YouTube channel for all of them.)

You could call my link to cycling professional. I’m the brand manager of Germany’s oldest bike brand, Diamant. We don’t do road bikes. Trek does. Diamant is part of Trek. I ride a beautiful Emonda since joining the company and making it through my probationary period. Expect me to write about cycling.

I most certainly will add some pieces on gear and gadgets that excite me. My aim is to write from the perspective of the average user. I’m not carried away by fancy features, but by seamless integration into my routines on the bike. Before all, I want to ride my bike. I like technology which makes this easier and which adds to it.

I’m a former assistant professor of marketing at Bocconi. Chances are that you’ve come across this blog because of that. Some of my content that I shared among marketing educators has stimulated wide interest. Think of my Tinder/Instagram approach to teaching experimental design, or how I’ve designed an analytics-focused marketing research course, and how I’ve made students read their readings before class.

I’m also German. Hence, English is not the only language of this blog. I mean: it’s almost entirely in English. Just some pieces may be bilingual. Some may be German.

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