Insight Uphill: How to pack a backpack for a Transalp

At the end, the scale showed 4.6kg. I didn’t believe it, so I tried it a few times and with a second scale, but I outperformed myself in weight savings this year. I then decided to carry some items, such as extra brake pads and extra food (in addition to what I carry in a bag that is attached to my bike’s top tube) – things I’m almost certain I will not use during the Transalp. However, the final weight will be somewhere between 4.5kg and 5.0kg – and that still includes the jersey that I am going to wear during the day.

My mates instead will carry between 5.8kg and 7.5kg. To each their own. They are wondering if with just two t-shirts and two sets of underwear, I will turn into a heavily smelling dwarf three days from now. I promise to the World, I won’t. It’s 2017. There are things like portable bio-degradable wash and fast-drying fabrics.

Ultimate take-away: a 20-liter backpack can feel smaller than a 17-liter backpack, even if it’s the same product line from the same brand. But hey, that helped with discipline to leave out unnecessary junk. It’s simply true that one uses the space that one has.

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