Now also on Zwiftinsider

I have my own blog, and now I'm also a Zwiftblog contributor.

A few weeks back, Eric Schlange reached out to the community of Zwifters to find new co-authors for his blog project, the Zwiftblog, now rebranded as ZwiftInsider. When I started to use Zwift for indoor training last year, the blog was an invaluable resource. Already back then, it was almost impossible for just one guy to manage the whole site, but things have grown since, and there’s just too much to write about.

I happily followed the invitation and applied. For the time being, I will contribute to Zwiftinsider with a weekly post that highlights the top YouTube videos that in some way relate to Zwift. That’s shared work with Eric. Some other posts might pop up here and there. For instance, a review of my bike trainer is scheduled for tomorrow. [Update: Here’s the link.] When these posts appear, I will link over to them from here as well. I’ll also mention them on Twitter, in case you follow me there.

And check it out. Some people write some really cool stuff.

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