After five years of blogging through my life in the Netherlands, I was a bit tired of it. Two years sabbatical passed by. Here we go again.

I moved to Milan almost two years ago. I had been coming over from Rotterdam, where I had been a PhD student at Rotterdam School of Management. For five years, I had been blogging almost daily on life, excitement, and politics in the Netherlands.* I had intended to continue over here and give it a fresh start, writing as a professor and cyclist – in English this time. But two weeks before I wanted to close Telegrammen with a nice wrapper, I lost the site to hackers. Pretty disappointing. I also moved only some bits of my life to Italy and went back to Rotterdam frequently (love and work make you travel the world). So, eventually, I just didn’t feel that much like blogging anymore.

ritorno m (plural ritorni)

  1. return
  2. comeback

I feel an interest coming back. In the past weeks, I’ve found myself having some thoughts that I would have liked to share. So here we go. And instead of building on that failed last attempt, I let my blog be what reflects me best: an eclectic collection of bits and pieces.

* Plus six months of blogging when I moved through the South of Germany as an intern with two big-toys-for-engineers companies. Plus six months of lengthy group mails from my first stint in Belgium as an Erasmus student. I have some history, mostly in writing too much.

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