On two wheels Zweiradberge

Muddy Matti on a Mountainbike – He crashed!

Last Saturday, we went with five guys and two cameras into the mountains between Germany and Austria. There was a bit of blood.

I keep this one short and let the video tell its story. Last Saturday, I went for a trip with my roomie and some other people. For my roomie and me, it was about the first time that we did some actual mountainbiking. (The very first time for him; for me the first time in 15 years). We both had a GoPro with us and then I put things together in a short video.

He injured himself on the knee. He slid off a root and fell with his knee in a stone. He had a small cut, but could continue to ride. To stop the blood, I had wrapped my tiny microfiber towel around his knee. (We had thought about swimming after the ride.) On top of the mountain, 2.5km later, we coincidentally met some people with a car (and, hence, a first aid set). Among them was a doctor who took care of a second and much improved first aid. Later they stitched it in the emergency room of a hospital in Munich (we had to wait five hours on a quiet evening…) and now he is recovering.

Regardless of the crash, we had big fun. We will most certainly go again. Though up next is the Transalp with the same (but larger) group from last year.

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