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#snowinmilan – The flakes of March

Snow in a Milan is a privilege to witness. And then let's move into spring.

This is the third day running that snow is falling in Milan. It has been a pleasure to wake up and see the snow flakes falling. I went out earlier than I needed the first day just to have the chance to find pieces of snow that nobody else had put her or his foot on yet. So I went to the closest park.

Snow in Milan is rare, but it does happen. In all the three winters I have been here, we had one or two days of snow. It usually would have snowed over night and then melt away. Also, snow would fall in January or early February. In fact, we were already set for spring, and I had been in the mountains at a warm and sunny day.

Now this.


Walking through the snow gave me big smiles.

What usually would have been a grey and unpleasant day turned into an adorable experience. Even Bocconi’s dark yards looked like peaceful fairy tale scenery.

For that matter, I moved the lonely lunch break of a home-office Friday to a bench at Bocconi.


And when the snow was supposed to turn into rain, actually the flakes just got bigger.


The last time it snowed that late in the year in Milan is about ten years ago. Back then it happened in April. For one day. For a few hours. Not three days in a row. And the country side around didn’t get a full white cover as it happened this time.

It’s a privilege to witness this experience.

And then move into spring.

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