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An evening with ZwiftQuest: Who has the best route?

Orienteering is a fun activity in which you need to be fast on your legs, but also smart on the map. I think I was neither when I tried it first.

Last week, I did some virtual orienteering in London while riding on Zwift. Not the real London, obviously. Zwift’s London. They are pretty similar, however.

Anyways, there is this new thing called ZwiftQuest. It’s not all that new – a first and exploratory attempt to bring orienteering to Zwift already dates back to late 2016. Now the pioneering brains behind it brought the ZwiftQuest back. I participated to one of the two events that they held in January, and then I wrote about it on ZwiftInsider.

You should read that article.

And then forget my personal performance. It was about as bad as in the 100km Zwift Race on Sunday. Yes, 100km takes a bit of time. I was on the trainer for almost four hours. I finished. At least. The majorities of starters didn’t. I wasn’t even last. I was second-last.

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