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Aiutoso. Friends and fine folks deserve a new Italian word.

We completed the move with a second big trip. We couldn't have done it without help. I invented another new Italian word.

One of the great characteristics of German language is its density of adjectives and adverbs. In French and Italian, some adjectives are more complex creations including nouns. For instance, ‘helpful’ would translate to ‘of help’ in either language. In Italian, ‘soccorrevole’ would exist as a more precise term, but it’s not commonly used terminology. Instead, that’s ‘di aiuto’ (‘of help’).

How about ‘aiutoso’?

I’ve tested it with a few Italians and they all get what I mean. It sounds so Italian, it’s rather incredible it didn’t exist before I invented it. Here it is. As of the time of writing, no other person has ever used this term. (I’ve googled it.) From now on-wards, you’re free to use it.

I dedicate this word to the amazing people that helped us finish up the move last week. Reportedly, we drove quite a bit. After unloading in Bozen, another trip to Milan and back to Bozen followed. This time for cooking gear and household effects. Last Sunday, we took of for a final trip over the Brenner to Austria, where we picked up a beautiful table and a 150-year-old Alpine peasant wardrobe. In order to assist us with carrying, one of my best friends had driven over from Munich. He had insisted that we needed to give him a reason to help. So we did.

We’ve also had great support from a local craftsman in Bozen. He organized us some good help for carrying the furniture up. Himself, he re-connected the kitchen appliances (read: the stove and the oven) with electricity. So I wouldn’t kill myself. Even though I didn’t kill myself the other way around either. He was massively helpful for the weird cable layout of the ceiling lights. The luster terminals over there: fancy, but I really don’t know how they work. I honestly prefer the classic one with simple screws.

When we left Bozen on Monday morning, things finally looked like they were coming together. There was a bed, a wardrobe, a kitchen, a table with chairs, a sofa, and a very special item. There was not too much mess around anymore. It looked like a habitable apartment, mostly. We owe it to our own effort, but also to theirs. And that needs a word.

How about ‘aiutoso’?

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