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Road trip: Moving to Bozen via Munich

We're doing a road trip to Bozen via Munich. Hertz gave us a good, but aged car.

In the years since I’ve moved out, I’ve kept moving almost annually in some way or the other. The last two years, we had first my move, then the girl’s move to Milan, each time with long eleven-hour rides between Milan and Rotterdam. This time it’s just to Bozen. Only three-and-a-half hours. Yet it appears to become a longer road trip as well.

If we go by the account of our experience, we’ve been more successful in sourcing cheap-but-good used furniture from Germany. There are cool things in Italy, too, but prices are corresponding with higher cost of living that we generally observe in Lombardy.

So, again it’s a big van. I had Mercedes, VW, Fiat, Renault – and this time a Hyundai H350. Reviews (all of which I quickly found are in German – sorry) are very positive. I love that it has a rear-camera, so I actually can do parallel parking by myself. According to the numbers, it might even be ever so slightly more fuel efficient than many of its direct competitors.

But I have to say… given it’s a Hertz, I had expected less damages on the car. The passenger door makes a strange sound, and the door to the loading area has seen the best of its times. The wheel boxes are completely ruined, and the bumpers are cracked. Not good, Hertz. I get that these are work horses, but a car that damaged deserves to be replaced, no?

Anyways. We’ll be busy. I’ll write from the other side of the move. That is, next week.

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