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Bike sharing in Milan: Vandalism goes viral

With bike-sharing taking off, bike vandalism is a new problem in Milan. Some think it reflects bad stereotypes. I think it indicates success.

Andrea Giuricin, a colleague from Bicocca University, had a Facebook post of his going viral this week. Here it is.

Translates to:

The political class is only a reflection of the citizens. This is the free-floating bike sharing service of Mobike and OFO that can only work thanks to two principles: an economic one and a civic one. The economic one requires the economy of density, i.e. it only works if users can find bicycles very close by. The civic one is what’s missing in Italy. If in Milan, one of the most civilized cities in Italy, that many bicycles are thrown in the Naviglio by idiots, we should not be surprised about the decline of our country.

True words. Italian traffic problems themselves are often an outflow of egoistic behavior. Words that need to be put in a more international context. I’ve lived at enough places to safely say: This idiocy is a problem of our generation across Western cultures. Fishing bikes out of channels is common practice in the Netherlands – and has been long before the advent of free-floating bike sharing. In a way, Milan could proud itself that it now shares the problems of a true bike-friendly nation.

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