Amazing Italians Gertaly

Some study at Bocconi. Some work at Bocconi. Some are Bocconi.

House-hunting was not successful yet, but we visited the girl's grand-aunts. They have a special name.

The good news: We made it to the hotel spa. The bad news: The roof-top pool with its amazing water slide was closed. It’s not summer anymore. The meaningful news: We don’t have a house yet. Gertirolia remains a vague idea for the moment.

Eventually, we spent all Saturday going from real estate agency to real estate agency. First time in my life that I don’t just search online real estate markets, but go to the actual office of a real estate agency in the hope that maybe they have some properties which are not listed online. That conversation usually went like this: “You want to rent or to buy? To rent? In the center? That’s difficult.” Some didn’t even have a single property in their portfolio. Right now, they said, since the semester just started, the market is even worse than usual. Well, the girl and I had scanned the market around her application in May and occasionally in between. It didn’t look much better back then.

We still visited two houses. We excluded one fast. The other one not, but she could not take it alone. To big and expensive. There’s another researcher who is currently house-hunting. They might agree to search together. Then, this might be an option. Also an option is another guy who was not in Bozen to show us his place, but who seemed to be interested in renting out to her. We found his announcement at a private-ad pin-board in front of a supermarket. You know, where people usually say they are available for house-cleaning etc. – first time I also did this.


Yesterday, we had not much time left before we returned home. We used it to pay a visit to Diana’s grand aunts, i.e. the aunts of her mother. Since a few years, they share a house in Bozen. This house will now also feature some glorious white orchids. The aunts have been curious to meet me for ages, and finally we could make that happen. Those two very friendly ladies were obviously very excited about the idea that the girl will be working in Bozen. And I smiled, for they carry a rather well-known last name.


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