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Airplane delays: the aftermath

EasyJet shows its actually more customer-friendly than many full-service airlines.

Remember that we caught a massive delay and re-routing on our flight to Berlin a few weeks back? We then filed a claim with EasyJet. That I could do this directly on their website already put me in a positive mood. It has not been so easy for me with other airlines. Back then, a likely automatic response told us that we would be notified of the outcome of the claim process within 14 days.

14 days later, I had a message in my inbox. Regardless of the actual outcome, kudos to EasyJet once more for how they handled this whole process. Seriously, it took half a year to get my compensation from Vueling even when using the assistance of AirHelp, which I had to pay 25% of my compensation fee. EasyJet took 14 days to come to a conclusion.

I had been afraid that they would initially reject our claim. After all, they had told us that a thunderstorm over Berlin had been the original cause of the delay. So I expected they would play the card of ‘unforeseeable circumstances’, while in practice it was their crew management which caused the delay to go from minor to excessive.

But I was wrong: EasyJet accepted our claim.

Unlimited weight for the hand luggage (at limited dimensions of the luggage piece), fair prices, personalized bundling of add-on services (that would result in a total price still lower than that of e.g. Lufthansa) which allows me to not pay for services I don’t need, and fair treatment of customers. What annoys me about EasyJet is the pre-boarding process which always forces me to wait somewhere standing for half an hour, and I can understand that taller people have issues with the distance between seats. But I’m short, and so is the girl, so we can live with that.

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